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Quarantine and the Immune System

Wash your hands.¬† Wash your hands. Wash your hands.   Experts at Sucavu have created this guide to navigate this unusual time the world is in quarantine. Eat healthier, less sugar and foods that are more organic Exercise more often Avoid smoking, sugary drinks, and alcohol Before and after eating meals, wash your hands. Clean your phone screen often, and use hands free options more […]

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The 2020 State of Cannabinoids

Blog Main Takeaways: There is a considerable amount of misinformation about the Endocannabinoid System Currently there no standard guidelines for cannabinoids ¬†because they have removed it from under the nutritional supplement umbrella due to a new pharmaceutically made isolate CBD product approved for seizures. The World Health Organization (WHO) listing 17 diseases where CBD “may have therapeutic benefits” and the clearing of CBD from the […]

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