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CBD 300 mg

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300 mg of the most cannabinoid rich product available on the planet! Only Pharmaceutical grade nano-amplified Cannabinoids are used in our products which allows for the greatest absorption and bio-availability.



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How To Use
Shake well before use. Take as often as desired. Place up to 15 drops under your tongue, hold for 60-90 seconds, then swallow.
Benefit & Features
Only pharmaceutical grade nano-amplified cannabinoids are used in our products, which allows for the greatest absorption and bio-availability.


Additional information

Weight 3 oz

Peppermint, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Natural

2 reviews for CBD 300 mg

  1. Samantha Hughes (verified owner)

    This oil has changed my life! I was on anxiety meds for 6+ years and was able to get completely off of them after just a few weeks on this 300mg oil. I had tried the higher CBD strengths, and actually preferred the 300mg for what I was going through. At first I would take my oil anytime I was feeling anxious, and that meant I was taking it often. When I tried doing this with the 600mg I could tell I was taking too much. So for my anxiety in the beginning, this was a godsend to have on me! I’ve now been off my meds for almost 8 months, and just take 7 drops of the 600mg morning and night for maintenance.

  2. hlmcpherson17@hotmail.com

    I took CBD for a couple months but I was scared of taking too much so I stopped increasing after 12 drops AM/PM. I didn’t have any major problems and was just treating low-grade stuff. I didn’t notice any improvement and the bottle ran out and I didn’t replace. Later, I tried CBG and didn’t stop increasing until I noticed improvements. Looking back, I wish I’d continued increasing my CBD dose until I noticed changes. So this is a dosing suggestion not to stop early. Note that 4 stars in this system is “Good” and 5 stars is “Perfect.” I didn’t select perfect because I didn’t notice improvements but maybe I would have if I’d followed the dosing advice better.

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